Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mia's First Surgery

After several ear infections and different types of antibiotics  Mia's pediatrician decided it was time to refer her to an ENT. At six months old, Mia was the youngest baby her pediatrician has ever referred to an ENT. The ENT recommended that Mia have tubes put in her ears because after being on three different antibiotics pretty much back to back the ear infection just wasn't going away. Since we were scheduled to fly to Chicago the following month, they got us on the schedule within a week.

On November 15th my little baby had her first surgery, I know in the grand scheme of surgeries having tubes put in is no big deal but it was still anesthesia and my baby. That day was pretty crazy, she was scheduled for 2:00 p.m. and then we were told to get there at 1:00 because they were ahead of schedule. However, they didn't end up taking her back until after 2:00. Considering she couldn't eat or drink anything after Midnight, she was doing pretty well. Everyone said the surgery would only take a few minutes and the doctor would be coming to get us before we had a chance to really get settled in the waiting room. It was about half an hour before the doctor came out so I was getting a little concerned. It turns out that even though her ears looked better on the surface once the doctor got in there, they were still pretty infected and he had to keep suctioning stuff out. Everything went well while she was in surgery and she tolerated the anesthesia fine. I am happy to report after five infections in three months she has only had two in six months that were cleared right up after a day of antibiotic drops!

Post-surgery supply shopping, Mia sat in the cart like a big girl for the first time.

Waiting to be called back and hungry!

Back at home, passed out after her surgery.

The next morning she was back to her usual, happy little self!


  1. So glad she is doing better. Both Christopher and Ericka had tubes but it was worth it. Hopefully she doesn't get them nearly as much. Did they give you ear plugs for her ears like Christopher had?

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