Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fall Festival 2012

Mia's daycare had a Fall festival in October, the infant room was asked to dress up as farm animals as that was what they were currently learning about. I found an adorable little pig costume, so that's what Mia went as. We also had our first "homework" to do. A paper went home with suggestions for fall projects, I tossed it thinking that they surely didn't expect six month olds to do this. Well, two days before it was due her teacher reminded me that the project was due in two days. What?! Crap. So, I rushed to Target and bought art supplies. Here is Mia's first home art project:

The trunk is her hand and arm, she scrunched up her hand so the branches aren't exactly fanning out, haha. Lots of different colored messy fingers made this picture possible. Obviously I had to put some of the finishing touches on it, we had a lot of fun!

Now what I know you've really been waiting for, the piggy pictures!


Heading home, she had a great time!

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