Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week of September 3rd...

From my previous posts, you know that Monday, September 3rd was our 12 year wedding anniversary and also the day we came back from Texas. That day also kicked off the week of Adam's wedding. Of course I will have a post dedicated to the wedding, so here I will just post some Mia pics from the week! 

9/3 - First meal in her new high chair!

9/4 - Back to daycare, she doesn't seem to mind

I did a review of JJ Cole Collections Baby Necessities for LeeAnn. Bibs were part of the review, here are my favorite pics of Mia eating in her JJ Cole bib 9/4.

9/5 - Infatuated with the mobile on her swing

9/5 - Mom, why did you take me out of my swing?!

9/6 - Daddy's little girl is oh, so happy!
Next up will be the arrival of Jeremy and family as well as their photo shoot and Adam & Kim's rehearsal!

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