Monday, August 20, 2012

Week of August 6th...

Sooo, I'm behind again! Once I miss a day or two, it just spirals from there! I don't know how my friends do it that work full-time, have a family AND a crazy, busy blog!

8/6 - Love that smile!

8/7 - She's got lots to say these days!

8/8 - I took this picture and then the poor little thing started coughing so hard, she was beet red and I decided it was time to go to the pediatrician. I thought she had been doing better and then ...not so much.

Poor Mia ended up having RSV and a double ear infection. I couldn't believe it, I really thought(hoped) they were just going to tell me she had a cold and I had to let it run its course. The ear infections threw me for an even bigger loop, she hadn't been fussy or pulling on her ears. It's crazy to me that she got her first Rx for Amoxicillin at three months old! Mia's pediatrician suggested that we keep her out of daycare for the rest of the week, so off to the office with me she went.

What a happy little girl even with all of her various ailments. I was so glad that she wasn't acting sick, that would've broken my heart. She was playing and kicking so much, she lost her sock!

8/9 - Still smiling, getting ready to head to the office with Mom & Dad.

8/10 - Hanging out in her Pack 'n Play

Playing with her Oball. I had no idea how much she would love that toy!

8/11 - Kim's bridal shower had an I Love Lucy theme, isn't she cute?!

Our Grandson was born! Colton James was born at 6:03pm, weighed 7lbs7oz and was 20" long. Congrats to Jeremy and Bridgett! We can't wait to meet him next month.

Bridgett & Colton were doing so well, they were able to come home Sunday!

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