Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Day My Scale Made Me Happy

For a Monday morning, I was in a pretty good mood. When I got on the scale, I weighed 168. Why does that make me happy? Because that is one pound less than my pre-pregnancy weight of 169! While this still isn't where I ultimately want to be this was my first goal and I made it. I had been bouncing back and forth between two to four pounds to lose to get to my goal. I finally had enough and on Friday, I started cutting out carbs. For three days I ate lean and very lean proteins, got off my butt a little and voila! I've since added in some veggies along with my protein. I've been sticking to my diet very well, mostly because I know I'm going to Texas next week and I will be off the wagon then ;-)

And of course no blog post would be complete without a picture of Mia!

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  1. Yay for you! That's awesome news! I never did get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after Rylie was born, and it took me well over a year to get back there after Bryce was born. You did it in just a few months!

    And btw...I love seeing Mia in Rylie's outfits! It just brings back good memories. I'm sooo glad I didn't get rid of those clothes. Are you ready for the 2Ts yet? ;-)