Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 31st

Getting ready to leave for daycare

Or not! Mia started filling up her diaper right after I buckled her up, so back out she came. If you remember from my post her first week in daycare, she ended up with some diarrhea...well it never completely went away. I decided after changing her third poop filled diaper of the morning it was time to call the pediatrician. 

The pediatrician found some blood in her poop at the office and sent me home with two bottles to get more samples for them.  Mia's formula has also been switched to Nutramigen(aka ridiculously expensive stuff) as she might have a milk protein allergy. Last night was her first bottle of the new stuff, most people see a change within 48 hours, fingers crossed!

Who knew I would be talking about poop so much?!

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