Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exercise, blech!

I was up to jogging two miles right before I got pregnant. Since having Mia, I've only walked with her a few times and it was much shorter distances. Saturday, Shelly suggested that we go for a two mile walk and I agreed...it was high time I got off my derriere and actively tried to get the last few pregnancy pounds off.

O.M.G. What was I thinking?! I kept up a fast paced walk pushing Mia in her stroller. By the time I got back to the house I thought I was going to die and my head was going to explode. I know, I'm a wimp. Seriously though, it definitely made me realize how out of shape I am and I know I need to keep doing some form of exercise a few days a week. Mia seemed to enjoy the trip!

Later that evening Otto thought he would try out Mia's bouncer.

Apparently Cocoa thought we made Otto get out so that she could get in!

Mia was entertaining Amy, Shelly & I and of course I needed to take pictures! She kept closing her eyes because of the flash, it took quite a few shots to be able to see her little eyes. Here are some of my favorites...

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