Tuesday, August 14, 2012

David's 26th Birthday

David's birthday was August 1st.  This was a special birthday because it was the first that he and I actually got to spend together since 2004, when he joined the Marines.  Three of those missed birthdays he was deployed; once to Iraq, once to Afghanistan and once on a ship. I have to say that those were the worst, for me anyway. I am so proud of my brother for his service to our country but I am so happy that he is retired now and close to home!

We went to David & Justine's for dinner, she made David's favorite roast(our Mom used to make it) and had a cake made for him.  Here is a picture of David and his cake, in case you don't know who the dog is(I didn't), that is Jake from Adventure Time...

Mia dressed up for the party

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