Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 2nd - 5th

8/2 - Mia talking to me

It's no secret that Cocoa LOVES company.  Since having Mia in the house to compete for the attention of visitors, Cocoa is much more excited when people come over. When Tom and Amy came over on Friday, August 3rd we saw a new side to Cocoa's excitement....she peed on Amy she was so happy to see her. I could not believe she did that, but here is the proof!

Friday I took in a new foster, Nellie. For those of you that don't know, I volunteer with IMPS, which is a MinPin Rescue group. I haven't had a foster in a while, Nellie is proving to be quite a sweet girl and I think I may already have a home for her *fingers crossed*.

Rick took the next two pics, when I laid down with Mia for a just a minute, haha! I had Mia next to me and apparently Charley thought that meant that he could snuggle up on her. Too cute!

I think the flash annoyed her a little bit, she's got a little scowl going on in the next picture.

Saturday, August 4th marked a year since my FET. What a sweet, beautiful little girl we have with us now!

August 5th - A little under the weather but still happy!

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