Monday, July 2, 2012

Week of June 4th...

This was a busy week! Mia had her one month pediatrician appointment, I had my six week follow up appointment, Harry turned 85 and we all flew to Kansas for Mallory's wedding!

6/4/12 - Another great personalized onesie from my shower

6/6/12 - Today was Mia's one month check-up. Everything went great, she got her 2nd Hepatitis B shot, thankfully she only cried for a second or two! Mia measured 22 3/4" long and weighed 11.3 pounds, she is in the 90th percentile!

So happy! She had no idea she was going to get a shot in a little bit.

She's so happy despite the shot earlier in the day!

6/7 - I had my six week appointment today and everything was fine. I saw the doctor that was with me up until 5pm the day that Mia was born. When I told her that I delivered Mia and didn't have to have the c-section, she told me that a nurse sent her a text that day to tell her. The doctor said she had a really bad day and when she saw the text about my delivery she cried, it made her day. I thought that was so sweet of her, I knew that I really liked her and that just solidified it!

The evening of the 7th we had a little get together at our house for Harry's 85th birthday since we would be traveling on Friday.

Kim and Mia

6/8 - Travel day! Mia slept through the entire flight to Kansas, she is such a good baby!

All dressed up for the rehearsal dinner

Aunt Cookie holding Mia for the first time

6/9 - The wedding day, it was a beautiful ceremony followed by a great reception. I only posted a few pictures here, for those who want to see all of the picture from Mallory and Drew's Wedding please feel free to follow the link! I am happy to report that Mia slept through the majority of the wedding and reception, everyone was asking us if she was ever awake ;-)

Mia and I

Aunt Cookie & Mia

The bride and groom

Harry & Mallory

Rick, Mallory & Mia

6/10 - Today we watched the bride and groom open their presents and that evening we went out to dinner with the family.

I just had to take a picture of this sign at our hotel, it was a first for me!

Ready for breakfast!

Dressed up for dinner.

Cookie & Harry

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