Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week of June 25th...

6/25 - Mia loves the onesie Aunt Janie made for her!

Just looking cute

6/26 - Napping with Mom

She's just so happy when she wakes up

Happy girl!

6/28 - I made a caramel carrot cake.  The cake was amazing, if I do say so myself

Waiting on the Napiers to come over for dinner

6/29 - I just crack Mia up sometimes!

6/30 - We went out to the beach for Lori's 50th birthday

The birthday girl and Mia(Not sure who she was giving that face too)

Mia, Melissa & Kyle(he will be making his appearance in October)

Lori & I

7/1 - Excited to see Uncle Ron and her cousins in a couple hours

Her first war wound, courtesy of Otto. It was an accident and the scratch faded a little every day.

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