Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week of July 9th...

7/9 - Aunt Justine took this picture and it's adorable!

Happy to be hanging out with Aunt Janie

7/10 - She has no idea she's going to get shots today

Handled it like a champ, back to her usual silly self

7/11 - This was the first outfit of the day, turns out the pants were a little too tight for her

2nd outfit, she had a little mess in this one

Rachel and Mia(in her 3rd change of clothing)

Uncle Ron & Mia

Eliott & Mia

7/12 - Hanging out at the office with Dad for a little bit

7/13 - Our last weekday before I went back to work, we went to visit the Hinkens in Orlando. Mia did great with the drive and we had a wonderful time visiting! What I didn't get a picture of was the ton of clothes that LeeAnn sent home with us for Mia, thank you VERY much LeeAnn!

Rylie couldn't wait to give Mia some sunglasses she had outgrown


Time to play!

The girls

Bryce wasn't very interested in Mia, he wanted to watch his movie

Happy to be with Aunt LeeAnn

I liked this one too...

She had so much fun, she passed out

7/14 - She was cracking up that morning, so happy!

7/15 - Lazy Sunday before daycare and work, Janie made that cute onesie w/the four legged siblings on it.

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