Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week of July 2nd...

7/2 - Waking up happy as usual!

A little smirk

7/3 - Janie flew in, Mia is doing a little dance just thinking about seeing her

It's almost time to go to the airport, Mia can't wait to meet Aunt Janie

Finally! Aunt Janie & Mia

All that waiting wore her out

 7/4 - Mia's first fourth of July. We had a wonderful day with lots of company! We decided to stay in, there will be plenty of years of going to see fireworks(and fighting all of the traffic) when Mia gets older.
Laura & Emerson met Mia for the first time

Emerson got to hold Mia

Our happy little girl

Tom and Michael swimming

Michael surfing in the pool

He was so happy he got to swim 

I think she really likes her second outfit

Hanging out on her Tiny Love mat

Aunt Amy couldn't resist holding Mia while she was over

7/5 - I can't take enough pictures of her smiling face!

Sleeping after a busy day with Aunt Janie

7/6 - Lori & Andrew came over, Mia loves company!

7/7 - Hanging out watching movies with us

Passed out!

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