Friday, July 27, 2012

This week so far...

I was informed last week when I picked Mia up that Mondays are water days at daycare. I asked exactly what that meant and for her age they put a playmat outside with a little bit of water on it for her. So Monday I sent her to daycare with her required items, when I asked how it went they said she did ok at first and then she was done! That's our girl, very opinionated! Mia slept in her crib from 8:30 tonight until 7 Tuesday morning, amazing!

Her extras for the day

Off to school

Heading out on Tuesday

Wednesday Mia was a little sleepy head. I changed her and got her dressed and she just kept sleeping away. I think when she woke up at daycare she was wondering how the heck she got there, lol.

Mia and Miss Melissa

They did art that day, nice black toes, huh?!

Heading to daycare Thursday

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