Monday, July 23, 2012

July 18th - The Sickies

Mia let me know what she thought of my daily picture taking.

The day was going very well, Rick was picking up Mia because I had to take the dogs to the vet. About the time Rick should have been arriving at daycare to pick Mia up, they called me. Mia's teacher started telling me that Mia's right eye was draining green all day...then she said Dad had arrived so she would just finish telling him. Of course, I was waiting anxiously for Rick to call and fill me in. Basically that was the gist of it, Mia's eye had been draining and crusting up. When they got to the house, her eye was definitely red and gooey. I wasn't sure if I should take her to After Hours or wait until the morning and call the pediatrician. I decided to call LeeAnn since she has tons of experience with daycare sickies(unfortunately), she suggested After Hours as they would prescribe some meds that would start taking effect in a couple hours. Mia's first trip to After Hours:

The Doctor said it was a blocked tear duct and that can lead to infections. On her diagnosis paper he just put blocked tear you think he has experience with making sure kids can go back to daycare? Mia was given a prescription for erythromycin ointment that we had to put in her eye two times a day. As you can see, the trip to the doctor didn't phase Mia one bit...

I still can't believe that it only took three days at daycare for my poor baby to get sick. I knew it wouldn't be long, but geez!

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