Monday, June 18, 2012

Week of May 7th...

May 7th was my first full day alone with Mia, we both survived and I actually really liked the alone time with her. Here is one picture of Mia in her mamaRoo:

May 8th was the night before Amy's parents were heading back to Nebraska, so we had them over for dinner. Here are a couple of pictures:

Not very happy after her bath

Karen and Mia

May 9th I took this adorable picture:

May 10th all my "boys" came to town, it was the beginning of a wonderful weekend! My Dad, JR and Robby flew in that afternoon and then David, Justine & Michael drove in that evening.
All dressed up to meet everyone

PawPaw holding Mia for the first time

Uncle David holding Mia for the first time

May 11th pictures:
Uncle JR holding Mia for the first time

Uncle Robby holding Mia for the first time

PawPaw & Mia

May 12th we had everyone over and the guys cooked on the grill, I took quite a few pictures that day. Here are some of my favorites:

So cute!

PawPaw and Mia

Uncle Robby is on the job

Big brother Adam with his little sister

Smiling with PawPaw

Mia's first American Idol audition

David and Michael

Some of the gang

My brothers

My brothers and I

May 13th my Dad, Robby and JR left.  It seemed hard to believe that I wouldn't see them again until September! On a happy note, it was my first Mother's Day as an actual Mom. It was a wonderful feeling, waking up with Mia made my day. The Napiers came over in the morning and brought roses, cards and a GIANT balloon! Harry also came over with beautiful roses for me.  Hatel & Sanjay sent a very pretty flower arrangement to me and I received many wonderful cards that made me cry...surprise, surprise, I know.  A very special thank you to my wonderful husband for an amazing day and helping make my dream come true! 

I finally got a picture of Aunt Justine and Mia that day:

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