Monday, June 25, 2012

Week of May 28th...

May 28th - Shelly, Mia, Huey & Otto snuggling on the love seat:

May 30th - Funny face!

May 30th - Laughing!

May 30th - Another onesie from my baby shower

May 31st - My little giggler

May 31st - Laughing is exhausting

May 31st - It was the big move day for Aunt Justine and Michael, they drove from NC to FL for the last time. Mia had to be dressed up for the occasion:

June 1st - All dressed up to go check out Aunt Justine & Uncle David's new house! David arrived really, really late that night.

June 2nd - Shelly took this pic while she was watching Mia & Michael so we could get the Napiers all moved in to their new house.

My funny monkey

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