Friday, June 15, 2012

Week of April 30th...

I've decided rather than bore everyone with a daily blow by blow post I will summarize the weeks and list any tidbits that I think are "particularly" interesting...if I posted everything I found interesting, Mia's every waking moment would be documented ;-) Of course, I will post lots of pictures, I know that's what everyone is really looking for!

April 30th was our first full day at home with Mia, it was very nice having Jan & Kelly there to help out! Here are some pictures from that day:

NaNaw and Mia

Aunt Kelly & Mia

Two pics of my beautiful, happy girl!

May 1st was Mia's first pediatrician appointment and the day Kelly was leaving us to go back to Texas. Mia's appointment went very well, she had put on a little weight since leaving the hospital, but she was a little jaundiced so we had to go back in a week to make sure she was still gaining weight.  Here are some pictures from that day:

Sleeping so peacefully, hate to wake her up!

All ready for her appointment

Getting ready to leave for the pediatrician's office

One last pic before Aunt Kelly goes back to Texas

May 2nd was the first day Jan didn't have to share Mia with Kelly and I think she really liked it ;-)

The little princess starting to wake up

Hanging out with NaNaw

Shelly came over after work, Huey just loved Mia too

May 3rd Murrr came to visit Mia, she brought some really cute outfits for Mia and lunch for me! Here are a couple of pictures from our day:

This is Mia's Dr Evil impression

Sleeping with NaNaw

Murrr and Mia

Little angry face, but still so cute!

May 4th Jan went home to Texas, it was a sad day and a little terrifying...I would be home alone with Mia for the first time. Kelly & Jan had both been such a great help to Rick & I. Rick was able to go to the office every day for a a little while and I was able to shower and eat when I wanted to! It turns out that being home alone wasn't so terrifying after all, it was busy, but wonderful as well. Tom & Amy came over to visit that night along with her parents who were visiting from Nebraska.  Here are a couple of pictures:

I just love watching her sleep

NaNaw getting some last minute love in before she heads back to Texas

Tom and Mia

May 5th was my first Cinco de Drinko as a Mom, I had half of a margarita and I was done! One picture of the little princess sleeping that day:

May 6th Harry came over to see Mia for the first time, it was a wonderful day! Here is the first picture of Grandpa Harry and Mia:

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