Friday, June 29, 2012

Mia's Newborn Photo Shoot

I realized that I completely forgot to post about Mia's newborn photo shoot on here, it was May 1st. I don't know how that happened...I loved the pictures, they were amazing. Some of you have seen some or all of the photos, but for those that have not, here they are: Mia's Newborn Shoot

I do have a release from the photographer, Amanda, so feel free to print any of the pictures that you like! I can not say enough wonderful things about Amanda, she is amazing! She was at our house for four hours, through feedings and diaper changes. Amanda has a bunch of newborn props, and an abundance of patience!

Happy viewing!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Week of May 28th...

May 28th - Shelly, Mia, Huey & Otto snuggling on the love seat:

May 30th - Funny face!

May 30th - Laughing!

May 30th - Another onesie from my baby shower

May 31st - My little giggler

May 31st - Laughing is exhausting

May 31st - It was the big move day for Aunt Justine and Michael, they drove from NC to FL for the last time. Mia had to be dressed up for the occasion:

June 1st - All dressed up to go check out Aunt Justine & Uncle David's new house! David arrived really, really late that night.

June 2nd - Shelly took this pic while she was watching Mia & Michael so we could get the Napiers all moved in to their new house.

My funny monkey

Friday, June 22, 2012

May 27th: One Month Old

Today Mia turned one month old and I got to open my package of Sticky Bellies. I couldn't believe she had been with us for a month already, time had seemed to just fly by. During Mia's first month we had many friends and family come to visit us. For those that were unable to visit, we were asked for pictures and updates and I was happy to oblige when I could.

I realize how truly lucky we are, how many people care about us and love Mia...I know not everyone is that fortunate. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support during this wonderfully, amazing time in our lives.

Week of May 21st...

5/21 - Going to lunch with Amy

5/21 - After lunch with Amy

5/22 - Just a sweet picture of Mia in her swing

5/23 - Wine and's been a while!

5/24 - Thinking about smiling

5/24 - A very big smile

5/24 - After her bath, she is liking them much better now!

5/25 - Personalized onesie courtesy of either Aunt Jo or Aunt Jessie

5/25 - I think she wants to go visit that someone in Texas ;-)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week of May 14th...

We retired newborn diapers and outfits this week. I can't believe how much Mia has grown in such a short time.  Monday was our last full day with the Napiers before they headed back to North Carolina(for the last time). We decided to go out to eat at Frenchy's Rockaway Grill Monday night, it was Mia's first visit to a restaurant(and the beach) and she did amazing. The Hinkens came to visit on Saturday and we had a really nice day with them. Pictures from the week:

5/14 - Aunt Kelly is so cool ;-)

5/14 - David and Michael at Frenchy's

5/14 - Mia's first trip to the beach

5/14 - Mia's first sunset on the beach

5/16 - Love this face

5/17 - Funny girl

5/18 - So peaceful

5/19 - I can't help taking pictures of her!

5/19 - Rylie & Mia

5/19 - Bryce & Mia

5/19 - Aunt LeeAnn, working hard ;-)

5/19 - Mama Lois and Mia

5/19 - Brian & Rylie had a busy day!

5/19 - The girls!
At my baby shower the guests decorated onesies, unfortunately Mia outgrew the newborn onesies pretty much when she was born, lol. So I took some pictures of them laying on her.

5/20 - Shelly made this one, I bet you couldn't figure that one out ;-)

5/20 - Hatel made this one, I know, another shocker!

5/20 - I'm not sure who made this one, but I love it!

5/20 - Elizabeth made this cute one and Mia actually got to wear it

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week of May 7th...

May 7th was my first full day alone with Mia, we both survived and I actually really liked the alone time with her. Here is one picture of Mia in her mamaRoo:

May 8th was the night before Amy's parents were heading back to Nebraska, so we had them over for dinner. Here are a couple of pictures:

Not very happy after her bath

Karen and Mia

May 9th I took this adorable picture:

May 10th all my "boys" came to town, it was the beginning of a wonderful weekend! My Dad, JR and Robby flew in that afternoon and then David, Justine & Michael drove in that evening.
All dressed up to meet everyone

PawPaw holding Mia for the first time

Uncle David holding Mia for the first time

May 11th pictures:
Uncle JR holding Mia for the first time

Uncle Robby holding Mia for the first time

PawPaw & Mia

May 12th we had everyone over and the guys cooked on the grill, I took quite a few pictures that day. Here are some of my favorites:

So cute!

PawPaw and Mia

Uncle Robby is on the job

Big brother Adam with his little sister

Smiling with PawPaw

Mia's first American Idol audition

David and Michael

Some of the gang

My brothers

My brothers and I

May 13th my Dad, Robby and JR left.  It seemed hard to believe that I wouldn't see them again until September! On a happy note, it was my first Mother's Day as an actual Mom. It was a wonderful feeling, waking up with Mia made my day. The Napiers came over in the morning and brought roses, cards and a GIANT balloon! Harry also came over with beautiful roses for me.  Hatel & Sanjay sent a very pretty flower arrangement to me and I received many wonderful cards that made me cry...surprise, surprise, I know.  A very special thank you to my wonderful husband for an amazing day and helping make my dream come true! 

I finally got a picture of Aunt Justine and Mia that day: