Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/9 OB Appointment

I had my first internal exam yesterday(not so comfy).  I am dilated a fingertip, cervix is soft but still high and my NST showed mild contractions.  I thought I was having some contractions Sunday night, but not having had them before wasn't quite sure if that's what I was feeling.  Apparently it was!  I have been feeling sporadic contractions since my appointment as well, but certainly nothing to keep track of just yet.  I go back next Tuesday at 9:20 if Mia doesn't make her grand entrance before then!


  1. I need to come down and walk you around the mall for an hour and eat some Chick Fil A with you.

    It has proven to work ;)

  2. Replies
    1. I went to the mall w/Shelly yesterday and it was miserable! My feet/ankles are so swollen that walking is NOT fun! Hopefully the little princess will bless us w/her presence soon!