Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Look Who's Kickin'

Saturday we went and had a 3D ultrasound for fun at Look Who's Kickin'. Amy and Shelly went with us along with Grandpa Harry! He was amazed at the technology available today and he said he will treasure that experience forever.  Mia is quite the little contortionist and apparently likes to suck on her toes.  I have to admit, the quality is not as good as at the Peri's office but it was wonderful to see Mia again!  We did get a couple of pretty good pics and the video of the entire "show" so that was nice!  Here are a couple of the pics:

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  1. PawPaw can't wait to see that New Baby Mia in this world. I am sooo glad that GrandPa Harry was there to see the "Miracle" of baby watching now. Your Sis & Cous are both jumpin' up and down ready to see you. NaNa is already packed and ready. I will bide my time and send gazillions of hugs to both of my girls!! Love, DAD/PawPaw